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Formed by Robert A Gonzalez in 1999 during the .COM boom , Orriana’s first step into the online jewelry market space was with Jewelry At Auction.com. The business model was a  network of auctions in Ebay.com, Yahoo.com and Amazon.com.


Merchandise was posted simultaneously on all three websites but automactically removed sold merchandise simutaneously.


The technology allowed to view and monitor three simultaneous auctions at a time then sent  auction auto-responders (automatic emails) to each buyer to close the order and conclude shipping.


The website was a great success. When the market space was filled by new comers we closed the website and began Jewelry Outlet Boutique. 


This store front with a online store front sold new fine jewelry, estate, gold and silver and after capitalizing on our market position by offering  full-service diamond sales and jewelry design. 


The store focused on Custom Jewelry Design specifically in Diamond Engagement Rings and exclusive in house Jewelry Designs. Jewelry At Auction.com business became saturated with copy-cats so the we closed the site, to open other websites that specialized in specific services i.e. Jewelry4Cash.com – focused on buying close-out goods, consumer old gold jewelry, estate purchases, scrap gold, and ThankYouBoss.com – an employee rewards website.


Our second store was The Wedding Shop, with the website www.Wedding-Shop.net. Robert had become a wedding consultant with a local church and after several years conducted 191 weddings. The business model was to sell the groom the Engagement Ring, then offer PROPOSING SERVICES.


Then once ready to marry we would sell them all remaining rings, wedding accessories, wedding gifts, wedding consulting, invitations, and wedding coordinating the day of the event.


The website www.Wedding-Shop.net allowed brides to view merchandise, then would purchase the merchandise by coming to our Show room to buy or order the new merchandise.


The brought the original purchase of $3-5,000 to $9-15,000 per customer. We designed and consulted over 3500 couples over the years.


In early 2007 Robert was approached by several commodity companies looking for Rough Diamonds, which started Orriana Group.  Robert used his international contacts with members of Orriana Group to buy and sell Rough Diamonds which created Orriana.com


Today we are International Mandate to several  Diamond Mines and Gold mines selling rough diamonds, gold dore to our clients looking to buy worldwide.



We also represent WHITFIELD DIAMOND CUTTING house in South Africa so  buyers can purchase our ROUGH DIAMONDS then have them cut for there supply chain.  


We have a history of success and plan to continue selling gold, diamond Rough and commoditys to diamond cutting houses, investment bankers and manufacturing supply chains in China, Arab Emirets and India. 


   Call us and give your opportunity today!


Sincerely – Robert Gonzalez. President/CEO

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